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Sodium Aluminate

We offer both liquid Sodium Aluminate and Sodium Aluminate powder, made up of high quality material. Our Sodium Aluminate is available at quite reasonable prices. We have become one of the dependable Sodium Aluminate suppliers in India.



Product Name Sulphamic Acid
Synonyms AmidoSulphonic Acid
CAS NO. 5329-14-6
Formula H3NO3S
Molecular Weight 97.09
Structural Formula H3NO3S
Appearance White Crystalline Material
Purity 99.5% Min.
Matter insoluble in Water 0.05 %
Sulphate as SO4 0.1 %
Moisture 0.2% Max.
Iron as Fe <3.00PPM
Lead as Pb 0.0005% Max
Amonical Nitrogen (as NH4 HSO4) 0.15% Max
Packing 25 Kgs. Nett ; HDPE Bags with Inner PP Liner.
UN NO. 2967
Hazard Class 8
Packing Group III
  • Descaling Water born & Process Scales in Industrial Equipments and Process

  • As Part of Cleaning of Metal, Floor Surface, Household Equipment, Condenser Etc.

  • As Chlorine Stabilizer in Swimming Pool

  • Bleaching Additive In Pulp & Paper Industries.

  • In Leather Dyeing Process

  • During Diazotizations in Dyes & Pigments Manufacturing

  • Plastic Industries as a curing agent.

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Our liquid Sodium Aluminate is of high quality and is available in 250 Kg HDPE Drums/Iron Drums packaging. The Sodium Aluminate liquid is used in a wide number of applications such as Mordant, Zeolites, Water Purification, Sizing Paper, Manufacture of Milk Glass, Soap and Cleaning compounds. We are also one of the reliable

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Sodium Aluminate Powder is in connection with water treatment and is based on its property of forming flocculent precipitates of Aluminum Hydroxide which are capable of coagulating, entraining and absorbing finely divided suspended solids & colored materials. It forms a useful adjunct to the lime Soda softening process,

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