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Sodium Aluminium Sulphate

The company is one of the chief Suppliers of Sodium Aluminium Sulphate in the marketplace. Sodium Aluminium Sulphate commercially known as SODA ALUM is used as acid media to liberate carbon dioxide from Sodium Bicarbonate. SODA ALUM is the most economical and effective of all the materials used as acid media in Food Industry. SODA ALUM is also used for preparing BAKING POWDER.

Advantages of anhydrous Sodium Aluminium Sulphate

SODA ALUM helps in liberation of Carbon dioxide in two stages. In the dough stage due to presence of water part of Carbon dioxide is liberated steadily, increasing the workability of dough. Balance Carbon dioxide is liberated at the time of Baking, making the baked product uniform and highly porus.

SODA ALUM has got less tendency to absorb water than most other materials used as acid media, thus minimizing the problem of Caking due to atmospheric moisture.

The residual material from SODA ALUM after the reaction with Sodium Bicarbonate does not leave any unpalatable taste. SODA ALUM has got highest neutralization value (Bicarbonate equivalent 104%) and yet is the cheapest of all the materials used. SODA ALUM could be stored at normal atmospheric conditions for long period.


Physical Properties
  • SODA ALUM is white Powder, with astrigent taste. This material is slowly soluble in water.

  • Bulk Density : 0.6 To 0.7 Gms./cc.

  • Packing : 50 kgs. HDPE bags.

Chemical Analysis
Moisture at 250 0C Max. 3.0%
Bicarbonate Equivalent 102 to 105%
Free Acidity Max. 0.15%

Metallic Impurities

Arsenic Less than 1 PPM
Lead Less than 20 PPM
Zinc Less than 50 PPM
Copper Less than 30 PPM
Tin Less than 200 PPM

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