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Zeolite A

We are one of the supreme Zeolite A exporters and suppliers providing with high quality Zeolite A. Synthetic Detergent Grade Zeolite-A (Sodium Alumino Silicates), which is similar to natural minerals, was found to be a highly effective builder. Given the function, effectiveness and their safe ecological properties, synthetic Zeolite A has been accepted as an environmentally compatible builder.

Advantages of Zeolite-A
Average particle size 4 micron and maximum size not exceeding 20 micron of Zeolite-A has made it suitable to pass through the mesh size of clothes, preventing greying thereby.

    • Due to cubical shape with rounded corners and edges, Zeolite-A crystals do not remain on fabrics and are easily removed on rinsing.


    • The unwanted water soluble dirt molecules are absorbed on Zeolite particles.


    • It coagulates the colloidal dirt and pigments causing easy removal.


    • The presence of Zeolite-A does not interfere with the bio-degradation of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonates (LABS).


    • Zeolite-A particles tend to form aggregate with other sewage constituents and are largely eliminated in the pre-sedimentation of sewage treatment.


  • Zeolite-A is formulated in detergents to the extent of 25-30%


Parameters Value
Calcium binding capacity mg CaO/gm of dry Zeolite Min. 160
Particle size analysis
a) % finer than 4.5 mic. (Sedigraph)
b)Avg. particle size, d50(Sedigraph)
85 ± 10 Not more than 4 micron
pH (5% slurry) 11 ± 0.5
Mole composition(based on chemical analysis) 1.0 ± 0.2 Na2O
1.0 Al2O3
1.85± 0.5 SiO2
6.0 (Max.) H2O
Bulk density, gm/cc 0.45 ± 0.1
(X-ray diffraction)
(as compared with 4 A BDH powder)
Min. 90%
Whiteness index Min. 95%
Weight / Packing : Zeolite-A is generally packed in 20/50 kg HDPE lined bags or 1 MT jumbo bags.

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